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Green IT Energy Solutions, developed by the consortium Green IT Amsterdam Region and TreFoil Energy, is a web portal where a selected number of energy efficient products and services can be displayed to operators and owners of datacenters. We are looking for the active help and input of our participants to realize the portal and turn it into an active place for energy improvements in the wider dataprocessing community.

This website is a showcase platform for solutions available for the datacenter industry which could improve their energy efficiency. We are continiously looking for partners withing the categories on this website. If you have a product you think datacenter operators should know about, please contact us.

As a next step from this showcase platform, we have developed a quick scan for datacenters. This quickscan will provide an overview of the energy performance of datacenters and possible solution scenario's optimizing their energy efficiency. Green IT Amsterdam, TreFoil Energy and the partners of Green IT Energy Solutions will conduct the scans starting in Q4 of 2013. More information about the scan is available here.

About Green IT Amsterdam - The Green IT Amsterdam Consortium is the public-private cooperation to green IT, reduce CO2 emission and build a Green Collar Economy in the Amsterdam region. More than 45 participating organizations with an IT, energy or engineering background and the universities in Amsterdam are cooperating on local, regional and international projects.

About TreFoil Energy - TreFoil Energy analyses energy consumption and offers solutions to reduce it. TreFoil Energy is specialized in Smart Energy Contracting: financing energy solutions with performance contracts. To accomplish the goals of it's clients it can perform energyscans, deliver energy Insight software and energy procurement.

TreFoil designs, develops and finances energy performances.

Green IT Energy Solutions was developed in close collaboration with Green Metropole and the European Regional Development Fund.




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