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Cooling for ICT rooms and data centers. 

Air@Work is a supplier of a full-fledged energy saving and green data center cooling concept.   The concept of Air@Work is based on controlled free cooling with indirect outdoor air, using the evaporation of water in a plate exchanger. This is a highly reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly air treatment concept offered, which can meet the highest requirements of Ashrae 2011. 

The Air@Work concept

The air cooling method in the Air@Work concept is just part of the whole. It is a controlled air treatment. A certain part within the concept of Air@Work is the discharge of the warm air out of the data center. This will prevent a data center overheating! 

The Air @ Work concept uses the StatiqCooling technology to actively cool the air when the outside temperature is too high.  The StatiqCooling technology takes evaporative cooling a step further than other indirect adiabatic cooling systems as it is capable of lowering the temperature further.


Air Handling Unit:                               Cooling capacity:

Air@Work plug&play                        4 en 16 kW

Air@Work Cube                              20 kW – 30 kW

Air@Work Suite                              40 kW – 60 kW

Air@Work DC                                 80 kW – 120kW

These air handling modules can be combined to create larger capacities.


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