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 Cooling with high reliability

· EUE < 1,1
· Energy efficient cooling and emergency cooling
· Reduce emergency power load
· Quick system startup
Datacenters revolve around Power and Cooling. GeoComfort delivers a turn-key, highly reliable solution for datacenter cooling with low-energy usage.  We do this by using underground bodies of water (aquifers)as thermal energy storage. ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) takes free cooling to the next level: the surplus of free cooling in wintertime is stored underground and delivered back in summertime. This concept enables an Energy Usage Efficiency (EUE) below 1,1.
What’s more, the ATES system can function as preferred emergency cooling at any time, allowing the required emergency power load to be reduced significantly. Availability is guaranteed: the low temperature of underground water can be used all through the year. 
Last but not least, GeoComfort ATES systems have a very short startup time. Although this is not a standard ATES quality, we have developed dedicated software and controls that allow this function, especially for application in datacenters. 
GeoComfort is your partner in realizing reliable and sustainable cooling using ATES. We are part of the Installect Group: experts that have realized more than 350 ATES systems in The Netherlands. We deliver expertise by chain management: concept development, realization and system management. Together with you we hold the key to the datacenters of the future: reliable and sustainable. 
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