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The "ADC Hybrid Blue ®" is based on the dry cooling principle but then developed into Advanced Dry Cooler Evaporative cooler.


The "ADC Hybrid Blue ®" has easily replaceable moist mats, made ​​of special cellulose, for the heat exchanger. The humidification water has no direct contact with the heat exchanger. Big advantage is that it leaves no traces behind of deposits of calcium salts on the heat exchanger. This has a positive effect on the lifetime of the cooler, and it therefore it has no need for water a treatment plant. The "ADC Hybrid Blue ®"was tested by an independent institute INERIS tested on Aerosool (legionella) This is a legionella safe cooler.


The advantages of the ADC Blue Hybrid briefly summarized;

  1. Legionella Safe due to no Aerosoolvorming
  2. No water treatment plant need
  3. No direct contact with the humidification water heat exchanger
  4. No lime / salt / acid deposition on heat exchanger ensure long life
  5. Energy-efficient EC fans and variable volume flow control
  6. High switching from dry to wet (approximately 22-27 ° C)
  7. Efficiency mode, adjusts itself best mode based on power or water prices
  8. Ready for compressor Less Datacenter Cooling


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