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  Jaeggi hybrid dry coolers are just as conventional dry coolers, without wetting the heat exchanger. The energy is distributed via convection to the surroundings.

At higher temperatures or a heavy load on the system, the system increases the wetting of the heat exchanger, the ability and capacity of the hybrid dry cooler could double to triple. Convection and evaporation effects then provide for the cooling of the system. The evaporation goes through irrigation water and not through the spray method by spraynozzels eg, because the spray method, could lead to Aerosoolvorming which could result in legionella.

The result: Closed cooling units without plume, with minimal noise and very low water and energy consumption, up to 70% -90% water savings compared to cooling towers. Legionella Safe, based on a TNO report of 2011. With the low operating costs can be achieved short payback periods.

Jaeggi is not only the inventor of the hybrid dry cooler, but also the market leader in hybrid dry cooling technology.

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