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Reliable energy supply at a competitive price

Trefoil Energy helps organizations to achieve sustainable, energy efficient buildings. We aim at lowering energy bills, reducing overall energy consumption, implementing renewable energy solutions and achieving a more comfortable indoor climate. A first step to structurally reduce the energy bill is through our energy bill audit and reliable energy supply at a competitive price.

Earn money by invoice verification

Research shows that 40 percent of companies in the Netherlands have errors in their energy contracts and often these are to your detriment. Trefoil can correct these errors for you. We will check your bills and determine immediately which savings can be achieved in energy tariffs, network costs and energy taxes. Average savings of 10 percent on current energy costs are possible.

Higher energy prices

We find out whether there are better prices and conditions to be had for the supply of gas and electricity. Switching suppliers brings price benefits.If you have specific requirements, for instance, to off-set Co2 production, we can arrange for green energy or CO2 certificates. All you need to do is send us a mandate. This allows us to contact your suppliers with an energy data request. Within 2 weeks you will receive a summary of your savings and other wishes.


Our work is undertaken on a no cure no pay basis. If no savings are possible, you owe us nothing. If there are savings to be found, we will charge you 30 percent of the savings for the service provided or we set a fixed contract rate with you. Contact us for a proposal.

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