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 The next step: energy supply. 

With a Reduses GW gas engine heatpump, datacenters supply energy instead of merely consuming it. The key lies in the “waste” residual heat from the cooling process. On one side, the GW supplies datacenters with cooling. On the other side the GW upgrades residual heat to high temperatures. This heat can be applied usefully in processes, offices or residential buildings, resulting in extremely efficient energy exchange between buildings in an area. 
The GW transfers gas directly into useful cold and heat. Because of the high efficiency of direct conversion and the simultaneous supply of cold and heat, energy costs can be reduced, and CO2 emission brought back to a minimum. This novel concept has been applied in The Netherlands for Lesscher Group. The GW cools their datacenter, which in turn supplies their headquarters with heating. The heat that is used for their offices could also be used for 100 houses. The combined prime energy ratio (PER) in this exchange model is unrivalled. 
The GW is based on the same principle as a conventional chiller. The compressors in the GW are driven by a (modulating) gas engine instead of an electrical engine. The heat from flue gases and the cooling water circuit is used to produce high temperature heat (70 degrees centigrade): ideal for heating or hot water production and more than twice as effective as high temperature Central Heating. 
The GW series range from 200 to 400 kW per unit, covering a wide spectrum of potential applications. Become the key to sustainability and take the next step in energy efficiency with Reduses.

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