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Gain Sophisticated thermal footprint insights to developt efficient cooling strategies

As power consumption and heat generation in the data center increase due to the trend toward higher computing densities, facility infrastructures often need to become more efficient. With Thermal Assessments HP analyzes the performance of your cooling system in the datacenter. 

The HP Thermal Quick Assessment

Provides a base-level assessment of your data center cooling, based on interviews with your staff and HP observations of your data center and cooling environment:

· Heat load vs. cooling capacity
· Airflow management 
· Heat recirculation 
· Racking practices 
· Airflow obstructions 
· Row orientation/placement
· Gap analysis 
· Infrastructure management practices 

The HP Thermal Comprehensive Assessment Service

This service supplements the HP Thermal Quick Assessment Service with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. HP uses CFD to model the probable effects of potential cooling improvements or the addition of new equipment to your facility, and can combine this with Failure Scenario Modeling.

The benefits of these services

· Help you determine the potential capacity of your data center environment and plan for adding new equipment to the facility;
· Help you gain a better understanding of space, power, and cooling resource requirements;
· Help you understand the thermal effect of changes to your  environment
· Provide guidance on the placement of IT equipment;
· Recommend potential strategies and best practices to help improve the operating efficiency of your facility infrastructure. 
· Leverage thermal modeling tools and techniques to help develop effective and efficient cooling strategies for high-density IT equipment.
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