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How can I reduce the energy consumption at the application level?

Software itself doesn’t consume energy, but the actions performed by its instructions do. Reduction of the required computational power, and thus energy, can be achieved at designing, building, and deploying applications. How much energy does this application use? What can be done to reduce the energy use? How much do similar applications use? SIG offers a service to help improve software sustainability.

What are the benefits? 

  1. You get insight in the energy consumption of the applicatio
  2. You have tangible energy-saving recommendations within your software applicatio
  3. You will get opportunities to reduce the environmental impact (Corporate Social Responsibility objectives)

 What questions are answered by a Sustainable Application Scan?

  1. What is the energy consumption profile of the software application?
  2. Where is the energy consumed in the application?
  3. Where are inefficiencies in the application?

 How is energy waste identified?

During a Sustainable Application Scan the software system is analysed on different levels. The architecture of the application, its source code and the deployment of the application are used to create an energy consumption model. The energy consumption model gets input from measurements, log files and benchmark data. The results and characteristics of the model are used to identify optimizations of the application.

Get insight into the energy consumption profile of your software application with our Sustainable Application Scan, and reduce the use energy at the application level.

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