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Identify the mechanical, electrical, and operational issues in your facilities and provide ROI-based actions to improve your facilities efficiency.

The HP Energy Efficiency Analysis service can help you manage the efficiency of your facilities by calculating baseline energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission metrics. Identifying the mechanical, electrical, and operational issues in your facilities that influence their energy efficiency; and providing recommendations and actions you can take in a comprehensive report. 

Objectives of the service:

· Measure power capacity and consumption 
· Include server & rack technology
· Analyze electrical power usage
· Compute power consumption ratio (PUE)
· Include mechanical systems electrical power 
· Include temperature measurements in the raised floor area
· Calculate various air management metrics
· Calculate efficiency metrics

HP developed software tool

The analysis is carried using a software tool developed by HP. This tool allows for a full energy efficiency calculation accounting for regional and seasonal effects. Facility improvements are simulated, generating instant information on potential cost savings, and emission reductions.

This service will:

· Provide tangible metrics of your data center facility’s energy efficiency;
· Comparison to other data centers in terms of PUE & other KPIs;
· Determine the carbon footprint of your facility;
· Identify the mechanical and electrical sources of inefficiency;
· Identify air management metrics in the data center; Recirculation & Bypass;
· Identify (energy related) operational or maintenance issues;
· Identify ways to improve efficiency with M&E recommendations;
· Identify near, mid and long term recommendations with payback between 2 to 6 years;
· Recommendations include ROM cost, impact on PUE, payback, and ROI.


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