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Hitec DRUPS systems combine a standard diesel generator set and flywheel energy storage in a compact design, saving considerable space compared to tradional battery based static UPS systems. This space can for example be used as extra data floor. Hitec DRUPS systems are line-interactive, with exceptional high end-to-end energy efficiency. In utility mode it acts as a power conditioner and active filter, eliminating brief interruptions, spikes and sags from the utility supply. If the utility supply fails, the Hitec DRUPS system takes over the supply of power immediately, without any interruption or disturbance. It can provide back-up power as long as there is diesel fuel available. Hitec uses fuel optimized options that meet required emmission standards like EPA Tier and TA Luft.


Benefits are:

· Higher energy efficiency (up to 97%) because no power conversion and no conditioned battery room are required, resulting in lower operational cost, lower PUE and less waste heat.
 · Fewer components, meaning higher reliability(MTBF)and lower installation costs.
 · Low space requirements (40 to 60% less than static UPS)resulting in higher power density, reduced building costs and an increase of available data floor area.
 · No environmental unfriendly batteries are required.
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