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Green IT Energy Solutions is a showcase platform for energy efficiënt solutions available for the datacenter industry to improve their energy performance.

The participants of Green IT Energy Solutions have developed a quick scan, covering the categories on this website. This quick scan is giving insight to (inhouse) datacenters and is offering input for the solution providers to propose specific solutions. The quick scan is meant to minimize the innovation gap between datacenter operators/managers and energy efficiënt solution providers.

Green IT Amsterdam published a report on the business cases for datacenter retrofit recently, based on research conducted by EnergyGO. This report is offering examples of retrofit business cases for datacenter environments of different type and size. The quick scan of Green IT Energy Solutions could lead to business cases as described in this publications.

More information for datacenter managers

From Q4 2013 we will be conducting quick scans for datacenters. If you are interested to discuss the opportunities for your datacenter environment, please contact us. We will be able to tell you more about the content of the scan, the process and the participating organizations.

More information for solution providers

If you have a product or service you think should be presented on and are interested in participating in the quick scans for datacenters, please contact us. We are continiously looking for partners with an energy efficient solution within the categories on this website.

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