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Green IT Amsterdam started a Green Deal with the municipality of Amsterdam and NL Agency in 2012, to create an overview on energy efficient retrofitting in existing older datacenters. The aim was to identify and publish proven, available and affordable green (IT) energy saving solutions for datacenters which improve their energy performance.

Green IT Amsterdam consortium participant EnergyGO carried out the research needed for this overview and made a publication about this. We are very proud to present a very insightfull publication that should be helpfull for datacenters of most type and sizes.

This report is the result of another Green IT Amsterdam initiative contributing to a strong and sustainable ICT industry. Different energy efficient solutions and their potential impact on datacenter energy perfomances, together with the relevant business cases for different type and sizes of datacenters are being described. In the publication you will find interviews with organizations managing or operating a datacenter regarding their specific cases and the efforts they made.

Green IT Amsterdam is trying to minimize the innovation gap between datacenters and suppliers of green IT solutions. This report is one element, another one is the showcase platform and the datacenter quickscans we are carrying out together with the innovative participants from within the Green IT Amsterdam consortium.

To view the Green Deal report please download a PDF version here. (in Dutch)

Next to the report, a document describing the exact models used and more information on the business cases, is available. If you are interested in this document or you would like to discuss the opportunities for your datacenter, please contacts us.

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