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 October 5, 2012

Invitation Introduction Energy Desk (18 October 2012)
Date: 18 October 2012
Time: 14:00 - 17:30
Location: Colocenter, Heliumstraat 200, Zoetermeer
Speakers: Datacenter Infra Solutions, EnergyGO, TreFoil Energy
Tags: #open_workshop #greendataport
Green IT Amsterdam will start the Energy Desk for datacenters: a web portal where a selection of energy products and services can be displayed to operators and owners of datacenters. It will be a place where knowledge, expertise and best practices related to these products and services are shared.
You are invited to discuss with us the future direction of this Energy Desk: please register below!
The meeting is hosted by Colocenter, which is the first datacenter to adopt the innovative cooling concept developed by Datacenter Infra Solutions. We believe that the proof is in the eating, and we are curious to learn how this concept operates in practice.
The Green Deal research aims to consolidate many such lessons from practice for future reference, by investigating and ranking LTA measures as deployed by datacenters, and by developing representative scenario’s. The Energy Desk should facilitate the distribution of this knowledge over the Netherlands, enabling decision makers of datacenters that until now have given little attention to energy efficiency to learn from the datacenters, and their technology suppliers, that do have ample expertise in greening datacenters.
14.00 Reception and coffee
14:15 Welcome and opening
Alexander Lantink, Colocenter
John Post, Green IT Amsterdam
14.30 DataCenterCooling: how to proof your technology
Jo van de Pas, Datacenter Infra Solutions
15:00 Tour through the datacenter
Alexander Lantink, Colocenter
15:30 Break
15:45 Update Green Deal Datacenters: goals, approach, first conclusions and cooperation
Niels Sijpheer, EnergyGO
16:15 Presenting the Energy Desk: how is it built, what will it do, and how could you participate?
Benno Schwarz, TreFoil Energy
16:45 Discussion
17:30 Closing, network drink
Join us
Green IT Amsterdam’s consortium participants have excellent expertise in optimizing energy efficiency of dataprocessing, what should form the foundation of the Energy Desk. Furthermore, as the Energy Desk builds on the Green Deal research on datacenters, it builds on the LTA’s, and liaises with the City of Amsterdam, AgencyNL and ICT~Office. And finally, we aim to include a wide audience of practitioners, including the SURF community.
If you are looking to participate in the Energy Desk, or if you are interested in the proceedings, you are kindly invited to join this meeting and discuss with us!
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Jaak Vlasveld
2012-10-05 20:13:23
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